Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Music For A Tuesday

Happy Tuesday Dingleberries... 
It's that time of week, one of our favorite times of the week where I can take a break from using my brain and share some random musical post for the week. 
I've done pretty good with remembering to link up with the ladies listed above.  Blog hopping or something like that. It's really pretty cool! They're always sharing some good music for the blogoworld as well!  Check em out, also I've posted a button on my blog ... I think.... 

Check it out ... TUESDAY TUNES ... Join in the fun. 

So this week, I know I hear it all the time but I can't place in what film I've heard it in recently ...  Anyone know ?? It's driving me bonkers! 

We Belong - Pat Benetar 

I had no idea this is what Pat Benetar looks like.  I guess I expected something like Joan Jett or something. Not sure why.  Just goes to show, ya never can tell. 

Have a musical day Dingleberries!

-Hang in there! 


  1. The song has been used in a marketing campaign for Sheraton Hotel (I think I remember the ad...), and was also featured in at least two movies. "Talledega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby" and "Blue Valentine".

  2. This is one of my ALL time fave songs of Pat Benatar! She totally rocks and is so cool. Thank you for the nice encouragement and linking up. Isnt it nice not to have to think and just post a song?!

  3. Never heard this song but I like it!

  4. Hadn't heard this one in years! Pat always had a unique and silken voice, and like me, Doria, I used to picture her as leather clad rock chic!


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