Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday Mashup : Episode 9

Happy Monday Dingleberries,

This is going to be a short post for today, it's 930 and those dishes aren't going to wash themselves.  Just wanted to throw one down real quick.

For starters..  The weather was FABULOUS this weekend.. FABULOUS!

Pokey won her first softball game, first game of the season.

She won 2nd place on her derby car thing for church.

One proud Mama right here!!

And lastly,  I'm closing the post office box I have to save some bucks.  I'm taking the summer off in to be with baby and just need to go ahead and nip what I can. For those who have that address saved, delete it.    I'm not going public with the address here, so send me a message and I will forward it over to you if you need it!!


  1. Congratulations to Pokey,and Mum, you have every right to be proud.
    And how wonderful that your weather is improving. It must be a real mood lifter for you

  2. Tell Pokey an old guy way up in NC is very proud of her and glad you are having some great weather. Our's is a little slow coming. Have a great rest of the week.

  3. Can you believe it's still raining here? Forecast is more rain and possible snow again GRRRR~!

    Congratulations to Pokey! I remember the derby car I made like that when I was a cub scout : ) A win in the first game of the season is great. Glad someone is getting some spring like weather.

    Being part of a team is a great lesson in life, you should be and I'm sure you are, very proud!

  4. So glad you had some good weather! I would really love to have your address. I saw the cutest monkey card a while back and wanted to send to you.
    Enjoy your time with your babies! Hugs

  5. GO POKEY!!!!!!

    I expect to see a report on batting average, etc. I'm thinking of putting her on my fantasy team..

  6. Congratulations to your beautiful Pokey :) And I'm glad to hear you are taking the summer off for the baby! That will be lovely.

  7. Well done Pokey!!!

    And a summer off sounds lovely! When is baby due to arrive into the outside world?


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