Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fits of rage ....

In a selfish fit of rage last night I yelled at the dog and made him sniff his own poop. Smacked his nose and tossed him in his crate where I left him for the night.

It blows my mind how two people can sit there, doing nothing and NOT see this dog crap in the floor?  Is TV that damn good?


Needless to say, hormones or maybe just life in general has brought me to this evil person that I am now, constantly fighting with a dog that only wants to poop and pee and bark.

I shouldn't be so angry, at times it's hard not to though.

When you've got the weight of the world on your shoulders and a list of shit that has to be done ....

I just want to run away... They will follow me though .. Nothing will ever get any better.

This is my life..

How do I take my own advice?  How do I simply Hang  in There?


  1. Sometimes I feel the same way Doria, I just want to run away. Unfortunately where ever I run, my issues will follow me where ever I go.

    I am lucky that Woody doesn't have that problem, in the past I had taken my frustrations out on my pet, who only gave me unconditional love and I always felt bad after.

    Reminds me of my mother and my need to not take my frustrations out on the living being that loves me the most. As I've gotten older it's been easier to control my anger. I'd be the last to tell you how to take care of that problem, I have many problems myself and am in no condition to tell someone else how they should do something.

    You should be getting a little help with that. I know when I was young I wanted animals but it was always my father that fed them and took care of them. Then I would always wonder why they loved my father more? : )

    Hang in there gurl. The only time Woody pooped on the floor was when he wanted to go out and I didn't let him out. He always wants to go out, it's my job to help him with that cause he can't door doorknobs or I'm sure he'd do it himself ; )

  2. I have so been there girl. I lost my shit on the Enterprise rent a car lady the other day on the phone because she keeps accusing me of damaging a car which I did not do. Of course I was PMS'ing HARD, and my Dad is dying, so I ain't got much tolerance these days for petty shit. My best advice is to step away from the situation, get some fresh air, and take deep breaths. I also find that punching pillows works well too.

  3. Ugh, I jerked my dog's collar the other night and yelled at him because he woke me up in the middle of the night to go out and I've been so stressed and exhausted. When he came in, it was with head hanging and I felt like such an awful person. It's hard, but what you did only makes you human.

    I hope so much that things get better for you. You've been through a lot, you need to give yourself a bit of a break. Hugs!!

  4. Perhaps next time rub the TV watchers' noses in the poop. More effective help-wise and probably closer to what you want to vent on.

  5. DONT GIVE UP!! Its so easy to say nothing will ever get better but it will. I know things have been so hard for you lately but you have to keep going. You have a sweet dog that will love you still, you have a loving family and you have us blogger friends out here. i am so sorry you feel down. Hugs!!! (i have super bad cold so good things my hugs is long distance or i would just add to your bad day and get you sick. lol )

  6. We all lose it sometimes. Your puppy will forgive you and love you and hopefully the others might make a little more effort after seeing you get so upset.
    I yelled at my son this evening for not unpacking the dishwasher.
    You shouldnt have to do it all
    Sending hugs

  7. Everyone above has posted spot-on words o' wisdom, so there's not much too add, really. Death, pregnancy, moving house, etc. are all things that change how one lives irreparably. (I know you know this.)

    As Mynx said, you really should not have to do it all. If anything, folk should be asking what they can do for you. Are you able to directly ask those around you for more support in daily life bullshit? I hope that they are all able to step up and pick up the poop, both literally and figuratively!


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