Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 1....

I posted this pic the other day but in light of today's importance I feel it necessary to post again.  Today is the QUITTING DAY!  I affixed the patch to my right arm this morning, *cries inconsolably*. I miss my cigarettes already. But damn it!  I'm quitting!  It's just the day 1 talking there.  At first I was a little on edge with the patch.  Felt some nausea as well as anxiety.  But low and behold, I'm still here, no nervous breakdown (yet)!  I'm feeling....energetic? today!  It's a pretty good day,  sadly I am missing the sunshine I would soak up on my adventures, outdoors, to smoke the bastard cigarettes!  But I shall venture out later for lunch at which point maybe I can get some much needed sunlight then!

My last cigarette last night (see pic). I made sure not to search for the leftovers this morning, only ran to the kitchen, after throwing my clothes on and stuck the patch on.  Strangest thing, I awoke this morning, like 6:30 am before the alarm is set to sound, which I won't hear anyway, thinking about smoking. I never do that.  I think the thoughts of NOT smoking made me wake up and think about smoking. WEIRD!

So to the point, it's day 1 and so far there are only a few dead bodies piled up under my desk. Stay away from me today, I'm kidding. It's not so bad. My coffee wasn't very satisfying today and I think I can safely say I didn't really finish a single cup of coffee today.  What's for lunch and how will that be without my beloved?  I'm just not sure.  Am definitely hawngry right now though.  No worries, I'm not packing my face in remorse of my lost beloved.  I think I can I think I can!  I will ring out VICTORY when I'm done.  Maybe more like "FREEEEDOM"!

Good day my fellow bloggers, readers and followers!   My 365 days post will come later, if I can find the time to take the picture.

 Ps... I'm totally lerving the new Droid phone my sister now owns.. Any reviews?


  1. I proud of you! My-Boy and I quit smoking a couple months ago...we have a lot more energy now! To be honest, the cravings will still be there...but each day you'll be able to make the conscious decision to say "NO" just a little easier.


  2. Thanks Sam! *high fives* for you and your boy.. thanks for the support! *hugs*


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