Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 23, 365 days of 2011

Day 23 you say?
This was taken this morning before the sun shines the way that it is RIGHT NOW!  I am so happy to see the sun today.  You've no idea!  As you all know, I LOATHE cold weather.  I'm seriously thinking about relocating to South America next year for the winter.  Damn you winter!  Back to what I was saying.  We're suppose to see high 50's today, weather wise, I cannot wait for it to hit it's high!  So excited. Can hardly stand the wait!

So today I've decided to try and quit smoking, again. I've been over and over this in my head and my desire to WANT to quit is severely lacking.  I don't WANT to quit I HAVE to quit!  I was talking to my Mom last night on the phone and she reminded me that maybe I should spend the money to actually quit. I've told her of my wants and needs and well it's understandable.  Oddly enough, as I've said before, I enjoy smoking.  Odd I know!  I've smoked for so long that it just makes sense. Alas I've other things on my agenda this year and I simply MUST quit smoking. I'm hitting the Walgreen's today and picking up some nicotine patches.  The Internet advised me last night that they sell a weeks worth of patches.  It's cheaper that the other boxes.  I'm going to conquer my fear of anxiety and JUST DO IT!  Like Nike says!  Will keep you readers posted on how it's going for me!  hahahaha. I'm hopeful. I'M READY DAMN IT!  I CAN DO THIS!

The picture above reminds me of my goal. I'm working on building muscle right now, what a pain in the arse that is by the way!  So I'm doing a million crunches a day, because I'm such a weeny I can only do like 20 sit ups. I'm doing a million push ups, when my wrist allows.  It didn't allow last night so I walked myself to the door jamb and tried the pull ups.  Ugh!  I'm terrible at those also.  I'm such a weakling!  To the point, I'm doing crunches/sit ups and push ups as well as running/walking on my Gazelle.  Why is  it my belly isn't all ripped and shit. I mean its still looking like pudgy or something, hahah. Like when I sit or reach down my belly pudges up.  That's so frickin annoying.  hahaha... Oh well, maybe I should start doing a million and 5 crunches/situps.  hahah...  Grrrr!!

I'm done for now, have a great Thursday readers, followers and bloggers! 


  1. You CAN DO IT, I believe in you. Just stick with your decision, I know it's hard but it's good for you. Report about your progress :)

  2. Starlight... I almost had an anxiety attack just buying the patches. I plan to pop one on in the morning. I will post how it's going for sure!


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