Monday, January 24, 2011

A dumb Day

Good day bloggers, readers, followers... It's a Monday here!  I'm feeling a bit inadequate today.   Lacking the insight I see flowing from others today.  It's a bummer.  I've noticed for a while now, I've got a secret envy in those who are smarter than I am.  I blame my lack of interest in furthering my education. Whatever it is, it's getting under my skin today.  I'm aching for some knowledge as well as other things right now. I'd love to run off and pass my physical tests that I've yet to apply for.  I've posted before, I'm wanting to become a police officer, but as you all may imagine my scrawny arse can't seem to get the training done that I need. I need a physical trainer.  Of course there isn't enough hours in the days to take on some other responsibilities right now.  It's depressing.   Perhaps I'm just too busy to keep up with those intellectual conversations.  I've no real opinions on intellectual matters or rather do I care to be able to hold a smart conversation with a smart person.  It is my own down fall.  I'd imagine is the only draw back to having such smart friends.
I did spell check and didn't misspell a single word up there, guess I'm smarter than I thought.  haha...   All of that was drafted earlier while I was at work, bored, again.  It was  slow day today, not that I am complaining about that!  ha!  Now I'm home, with Facebook open and wrapping up this blog so that I may post my day 20!  I hope you all had a great day! I've refrained from intellectual conversations and being around smart people all day!  *high fives*  Maybe I should read a book. I miss my readings.  If only Facebook didn't call my name each time I grabbed the book.  Shucks!

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