Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 17, 365 days of 2011

It's becoming obvious the days that I forgot to take my pictures huh?  You see these, me sitting on what appears to be a couch.  Yes!  That is my couch. I love my couch.  Got my cozy blanket wrapped around me also, awes! 

It was a pretty good Friday!  I am  glad for that, it had it's busy moments but it was OK.  

Had lunch with my daughter at school today. She was so surprised and just loves it when I come to lunch.  It's a lot of fun, but oh lord that food is pretty nasty most of the time.  I don't know how they do it.  I guess they just don't know any better, right?  She should though, as picky as I am! 

I've decided to not take the time and spill out all of those ideas I had yesterday, saving them, yet again , for another day.  I'm tired what can I say! 

I simply must share this though! I must say!
I LOVE MY NEW TATTOO!  It looks so awesome, I'm so proud to RAWK this bish day and night, foreveski!  My mom will be mad at me, haha, but she can't stay mad forever, I did after all, have her name PERMANENTLY added to my arm!Give me a break, will ya?   I know, I know.. It isn't her name, but I don't call my mom by her name.  Does anyone?  I call her MOM!  So booyah!  Those are the words she will hear from me if she drops the "that's not my name"  Whatever WOMAN!  Just love it, because I do and you know it's purdy awesome!   And for those who are curious!  Arm tattoos are the easiest tattoo I've ever had.  The back hurt like hell, both of mine hurt like mad. Not this though, couple times around the side there, but that's all.  I'm in love with arm tattoos everyone!

Well tonight I leave you with that.  I'm ready for some sleep, *fingers crossed* I manage to get some!  It should be a good weekend. I'm hopeful anyways!


  1. Another week is (almost) over, how great is this ha? :)
    I like your new tattoo, do write a blog post about your mom's reaction ;)

  2. The new tat definitely rawks! Your Mom oughta luv it!...i would...what an honor!


    Thanx for The Blog Luv! & the follow

  3. Thanks ladies! I will def post a blog on her reaction, haha.. Maybe a pic of her evil face, lol...

  4. Love that tattoo! Totally awesome. :)


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