Friday, January 7, 2011

day 3, 365 days of 2011...

Good morning my fellow bloggers/readers/followers.  It's Friday and for some reason Im not excited for that.  Perhaps Ive come to the realization that once Friday really hits I know that once it's over, I only have 2 days of off time.  That is not much fun.  I do plan to get my hair changed this weekend, add some highlights, if all else fails I shall cover the red with something more my speed, a nice brown or maybe I will give in and make it BLACK.  Did I mention I miss my black hair?  Ive a few thoughts for this Friday post, I plan to throw them all into one.  What else do I have to do today?  Work!  You all know how I feel about working, haha...

So here we are, day number 3 of my 365 days of 2011.   For your viewing pleasure:

It's my Friday picture!  Im feeling a little better today, decided to try and make myself take the alka seltzer as directed. Im such a spaz, I never take medicine the way the box tells me to.  Just tough it up and get better all on my own.  I dont have the energy to wait for it to pass on its on this time.  Po' sick me!

Off to other matters...  One of my dear Facebook friends who is also the owner of Laura Leslie Photograpy and takes absolutely wonderful photographs of family, baby, engagement and wedding photos has posted a give away as of yesterday, we were to post a picture and have people go like it on her page. Im trying to educate my friends and family on the rule of the game and it's going pretty good, I hope!  What Im bothering you all to do now, if you are indeed a facebook addict like me, perhaps you can find your way over to Laura Leslie Photography (!/lauralesliephoto ) , like I said she does ABSOLTELY WONDERFUL work!  You will have to LIKE her page and then scroll down until you see the picture Ive posted of my daughter and myself.  The picture I posted is one of my favorites.  If you will be so kind, click like on it!  Im trying to win, lemme offer praise again, she does wonderful work and did some for me last year, 2010.  It's still weird to call 2010 last year! So let me take the time now, to post some links so we all know what and where to go!  In advance, you all are the BEST ever! 

That is the link to her fan page!  remember, awesome photographer!
This is the photograph I submitted.  Just a reminder, you must LIKE her fan page first, then proceed to scroll down and LIKE my post of this photo! If you find the time, it would be so awesome to have her take pictures of me and my lil' princess.  No pressure ;)
And for those interested, she does photography in the Florida/Georgia areas...  Go check her out sometimes!

Her blog is the reason Im on blogger today. I always clicked her links from facebook and went to see her work on her blog.  Very good blog if you enjoy photography!

You will never beleive this, but I think I have forgotten whatever else it was I was going to incorporate into this blog.  No surprise there. I would forget my head if it were not attached.

Have  a great day bloggers. Im ending this until I remember what it was I was posting.  LOL... you should have plenty to read with just this, right?!

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