Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bang Pow Boom!

Have you guys/gals seen this?  I just posted it on Facebook, but couldn't help sharing with you all as well!  I've got 20 bucks on Lohan!  Last night they said that Lohan had spent only 13 days in jail where Hilton has served like 23?  I'm not sure if the pampered "jail" for celebrities like these even counts for jail.  Put them in a high risk penitentiary for a couple months.  That may be considered murder though!  Something about the precious Hilton tells me that her puppy carrying arm won't stand up again Lohans fake lips!  On another note, is she going to want to risk damaging that oh so perfect face she carries around?  I don't think so.  Lohan just seems like more of a tougher bitch than Hilton. I hope to see this fight! I despise both of them and would enjoy nothing more than to see their faces all bloody and swollen, but of course, I wont get that lucky.  3 rounds of what, a minute?  Just isn't going to be much.  Too bad they can't rawk it like UFC or something.  HIGH FIVES!  See the link below for the full story.


  1. I say throw them, Snooki, and Heidi & spencer in there and have a cage match to the death with all of them...if we're lucky, there will be no winner!

  2. Lohan looks like the type of person who would pull out a shiv during the (hypothetical) fight.

  3. hahaha.. I've got my fingers crossed it goes UFC in there, maybe she(Lohan) will show up drunk and beat some Hilton arse! I'm watching it with hopes of some action. haha.. Im with Meatbag, throw them all in there and lets hope there are no survivors! hahaha.


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