Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 11, 365 Days of 2011

Hello my fellow bloggers, readers and followers.  It's been a good day, I'd say.  I did some laundry and the dishes, not all the chores on my list are done, but at least I can say I did something!  Right?!  I was out and about some of the day today.  It's usually my weekend alone, but I agreed to allow the ex hubby to take our
daughter to a birthday party today.  She hated this idea, even though she was super excited throughout the week.  Funny how kids work isn't it?  Oh well, we managed and although she insisted she would not have any fun and that the little birthday boy and her little girl friend wouldn't play with her and apparently knows she sucks her thumb she would have no fun!  But SHE DID HAVE FUN!  (I knew she would, she always does) I also had 2 events for today, but declined them both, something about trekking the miles to either place, didn't suit today.  I will admit, I was wanting to be lazy.  And it worked.  That doesn't happen often and I appreciate every minute of it when it does happen.  You'd think Id be over being lazy after the horrid weather we dealt with last week, but I'm still accepting any chance I have.

Princess aka Devil Cat is in heat....AGAIN!  It's every 2 weeks with this awful cat.  I've never had a female cat this long before.  As you all may have read before, I'm not really pet friendly.  Something about taking care of pets, it drives me nuts. I've surprised myself with this one though, I have not given up on her and have kept her this long.  My next plan...As soon as I get past this suffering from lack of money due to holidays, birthdays, and lack of work due to weather, I'm getting this bitch darling kitty spayed.  For real! 

So my random thought of today....  I bought a new shower curtain a while back, I loved my old one and didn't want to replace it, but it was time!  Past time!  I was looking for one just like it, I thought  it was so pretty and had it for what seemed ages.  It was girly and flowery, I loved it.  Now low and behold, this is what I'm looking at now!  It's....nice... And earthy. I do like it, but it just doesn't seem like me.  I've no plans
on shopping for a new one. I also broke down and bought  one for the 2nd bathroom in the apartment.  My daughter is 7, she doesn't take showers or anything, but i thought it might be nice to not be looking into the tub overtime I went in there.  The one in her bathroom, which is shared with her, and the mens/boys  of the house, (1 only here every other weekend), her shower curtain is more my speed.  It's pretty colors and squared I think. I love hers.  But this is what I get to look at.  It's nice, like I said, it actually allows more light to seep through than the previous.  I also think it goes nicely with the wall art in the bathroom. So, it works.  I will replace is one day, but not today.  Today it looks like this.  What is it?  Bamboo?  Oh well....  There you have it, my random thoughts for the day.. Or thought! 

I've more random thoughts now that I think of it.  I'm going strong for now, with my 365 days project, but I've slacked off on my exercise.  This is frustrating for me, because I know it is what I want to do.  I'm thinking positive for tonight, I shall get  it done!  No doubt.  I've slacked off with being sick and cold and lazy, but NO MORE!  I shall do this! 

Goodnight my bloggers, thanks for reading... :)


  1. It's good to have your lazy days. I also have them and I enjoy every second. :)

  2. Ooooh,'s like showering in the rain forest...hahaha

  3. Starlight, I love my lazy days when I can take them. I usually skip the lazy and go out and have fun!

    Organic Meatbag *giggles* I wish it were like the rainforest, ooo maybe one of those outdoor showers!


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