Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 12, 365 days of 2011

So, it's day 12.  Wow!  Still going strong.  I'm not getting bored with the project, but I am wondering if you readers are losing interest? 
This is not one of my favorite pictures so far, I so enjoyed the sun today. It was a happy time, my daughter and I had a blast outdoors.   Back to the point.  So I've every intention of sticking with my project.  However, I'm not sure how interested you readers are in it.  But alas I've nothing much else to talk about other than myself and my life.  So, here we are.  Hope you find it as exciting as I do.  haha..

So today was one of those days. I loved the weather and the fun.  I've missed the warmth of the sun, it seems as thought it's been so long since the sun shined.  There was still snow on the ground, where the sun doesn't hit much.  My daughter made me a cute snowman, here he is.  It's teeny tiny, I know, but none the less awesome!
It was like pulling teeth to even get her outside today, for whatever reason.  I did get all of chores done. All for Saturday and Sunday, so *high fives* to me!

To top off the day I got some exercise in when my daughter and I went for a walk, that was a lot of fun!  We walked a long ways, per her request, I thought for sure Id be breaking my back carrying her home, but nope!  Not this time!  It was awesome fun!  At least the whole day was not a mess! 

Goodnight my fellow readers bloggers and followers.  Looking forward to what fun pops up tomorrow!  I hope the same for all of you! 

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  1. Hey Doria, you survived another day and you even got some exercise :) Bravo! It's really nice to see that you and your little one had so much fun :)
    How's your mom doing?


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