Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bored again?

That picture above says it all.  I'm drawing a blank tonight.  Yes... It's no fun.  I'm bored on Facebook also, again.  It's funny how that works. Should I blame the mid January thing?  Hang on I rack my brain for ideas. Nope!  Still none!  That 70's show is on television.  It isn't one of my favorite shows.  It actually doesn't even fall in my category of television.  I didn't act like them at their age or did I?   hahahaha.. He just walked in on the parents making sexy times.  I must say. I never did that.  Nuff said. 
So lets review... There is Mom and Dad on the left there, just finished making their nakey times, lol.  I don't watch this show.  So I'm not sure about their names. I do like the guy that always wears the sunglasses, he's kind of a cutie pie.  Ashton Kutcher is pretty HAWT now, not then! 


The guys of this show are definitely not HAWT (cept cutie in the sunglasses) What is up with that?  I didn't live in the 70's, but if that 70's show is suppose to be like the 70's. Really?  I mean really?  I hope not all folks in the 70's were like those kids.  Remember Dazed and Confused?  Mmmm Matthew  McConaughey, so tasty, but yea, that was based around the 70's also.. Right?  I'm slipping on my thoughts, damnit.  There were those nerdy kids in there, remember the blond guy with the red haired chic and that black hair guy that totally got his arse kicked by the Pontiac guy?!  Those kids were kind of like these kids!  Dazed and Confused, unlike That 70's Show was an awesome movie. I watched it a couple of weeks ago and it made we want to plan a huge party in a field somewhere.  Someone crushed that dream by telling me the cops would raid the party. Party Pooper!
    I'm working on going through all of my photos so I can blog about my other tattoos as well as Kristen's comment on my previous post today.  I lub you readers, thanks for staying with me! 
Well readers/followers/bloggers. I'm out of ideas for tonight. Sorry to babble on randomly with this nonsense!  I hope you all had a wondermus day!


  1. I personally think Mila Kunis is quite the hottie... I can't believe she dated Macauley Culkin, who has to be the ugliest little bastard around..but hey, what am I, a beauty?? Hehehehe... and keep rambling all you want, and we'll keep reading :)

  2. I have to agree on both, she is quite the hottie, which sends me into a spiral of confusion as to why she would date Culkin, he is indeed one of the ugliest bastards alive! hahaha.. Thanks for reading meatbag, *giggle* and everyone else!


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