Friday, January 21, 2011

Can ya stop now?

So I'm bored at work, for the moment.  As you may have read it has been a terribly hecktic week here at work.  I've a few random thoughts for today:

1.) I'm openly admitting that my expectations are too high for PEOPLE!  So far in this day I've met no one who has met those expectations.  By that I mean, KNOW when you are being an arsehead!  Or a dumbarse!  Or just annoying!  JUST KNOW!  <- saying that I must ask. Why/how can they
 NOT KNOW they are being said things?  I mean really?  I KNOW  when  I am being a bish or a dumbarse or just plain annoying.  And usually I am doing  it on purpose, just to piss your annoying, dumbarse self off.  So there!  Could this be why it happens to me?  What is it KARMA!?  Karma, That's awesome! There are time when I hope karma is a thing, but then again, I fear what she may do to me when she finds me!  hahahah..

2) I plan to actually run off to the tattoo parlor TONIGHT. My nerves are already on edge.  It has happened both times I've gone in the past to get a tattoo. I'm a nervous wreck and usually want to barf when they actually start with the needles.  I'm hopeful with the size of the tattoo it won't be to bad.  Hope that the arm isn't a bad/painful spot for a tattoo.  My first arm tattoo. Awesome!  I blame the adrenaline, but I am just not sure if it's that or I'm a big giant SISSY!  Oh I can't stand a sissy!  (Unless it's my sister, who carries around the nickname of Sissy, I lub her!)

Lastly.... I think I still have those random blog thoughts stored away in my noggin, from last night. I'm hopeful at some point tonight, after the parlor maybe that I can babble to you dear blogger about those thoughts! *fingers crossed*  As I've already said, I AM AT WORK.  I must stop my fingers from typing and do something  productive in regards to work.  hahah... Yea right.  It's only about 30 minutes left in this day.  Ha!  Good day my readers, followers, and fellow bloggers.  Have an awesome friday night!  I shall try!

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