Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 7, 365 days of 2011.

Lookie lookie, a cookie, I'm kidding. It's a whole 7 days since Ive started this project.  Oh how awesome.  7 days= 1 week.  It's more fun to say week!  but of course, tomorrow will be day 8, no cool week word for that, OoOoOo can't wait for 14 days, that will be 2 weeks, yay!

Sorry readers, I'm bored right now and late with this today.  I almost forgot, shh, I didn't say that!  It's true though, I almost forgot my 7th day photo today. This is my problem, I get distracted, all of the time, and forget almost anything.  However, today was no excuse, Ive been so bored for like 2 days now, it's unfair!  We were unable to go to work, yet again, I was however able to get my daughter back today! 

I did try to venture out to get her, buuuuut, and here it is.  I got the DAMN SUV stuck in the snow or mud or whatever.  I was totally pissed. I'm almost positive had it been my little car I would not have gotten stuck, she would not have failed me like that.  I was furious and all the people in the complex, yes everyone, I got stuck in the snow/mud inside my very own apartment complex *cusses*.  So I tried to get up a hill, asfuckingif, that suv was having no part of that. I roll my arse back down the hill, while lady in the little green car sat there laughing I'm sure, she then went on up the hill I was unable to get up, I'm pissed.  So I circle around the next street which is less hilly and make it around to where I was heading to begin.  Make it past the speed bump, yay!  Spin Spin, shit I'm stuck again, even madder this time, because I was sure it would go well.  Grumbles/Cusses again.  Rolled back, rolled back, people staring, why wont the car go this way, CUSSES, and no I'm STUCK! UUUGGGGHHHHHH!  Yes I'm furious again! and stuck- stuck- stuck- not moving, ever again, call the ex, call the tow truck.  SHHHIIIITTTTT!   I did not call the tow truck, it's just how I felt at the moment!  So we finally get the SUV unstuck, I can't say we, I did nothing but stand there and look.  Crazy drunk man from the building behind the stuck SUV felt it necessary to say that 5 people had been stuck there and that he could assist for like a 12 pack or something, holyfuckingshit are you serious!  I mean whatever happened to just friendly neighbors, courteous shit and shit.  Fricking drunk folks, I would not have felt a twinge of guilt had he busted is arse, but of course!  No such luck!

Well to wrap it all up, the ex was so kind as to bring Pokey all the way to the gas station just beside the apartment complex.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES OVER.  I have not seen my Pokey in like  a week, because of this horrid snow.  I'm very happy she is home home home and in bed right now.  *happy dance*

But I'm not sure what tomorrow holds, the television said tonight that every state in the US had snow, except Florida!  Wow, even Hawaii.  Weird.  I hope this ends soon. I cannot wait for the warm weather. I'm so excited.  But I just know, it wont come fast enough *cries*. 

Goodnight my readers, more fun for tomorrow, I'm sure?  Right?  *fingers crossed*  Daycare be open and work be in session!


  1. Day 7?! Great job!

    And I hate snow too...my friends just gaped at me when I told them I was moving to Michigan considering my 'love' of the snow.


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