Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 16, 365 days of 2011..

Well hello my bloggers, readers, followers today!  It is  my day 16! *high fives*  I'm feeling pretty accomplished so far.  It's cool!  I've gone 16 days and still counting.  I had a lot of thoughts for my blog tonight, but it appears as though I may have to save some of them for tomorrow! (have been on the phone with my mom for like an hour or something, she still doesn't know about the tattoo... Im planning to surprise her!  hehe)

*pats on back* I managed to accomplish my exercise tonight. YES!  I've slacked off and haven't done any since my cold a few weeks ago!  Ugh I felt like crapola and knew it was way past time for exercise. Isn't that odd how you just start to ache all over and just know "hey the exercise did make me feel better, the aches and pains were fading"  And why is it at 29 years old that I have aches and pains?  Sometimes it's a pain in the arse to even get out of my bed and get up?  Neck pain, at times, back pain, MOST OF THE TIME, and well just the "I don't want to get out of bed, dammit"  Why why why?  The alarm clock, when I hear that thing, is EVIL.  It's the devil and I'd love to smash the thing against the wall and laugh at the pieces as they fly apart!  HA!  But alas, my alarm clock is also my cell phone.  I'm like most people in this world, simply could not live without that cell phone.  Ugh!  I wonder if I can take a vacation this year and leave the cell phone off the whole time, unless of course there is an emergency!  That would be AWESOME!  That is a new years resolution for me, take a vacation from the CELL PHONE!  Not the work. Not the alarm clock. Not the typical monday thru friday struggles of juggling life, work, daughter, everything.  Ahh to dream in La La Land! 

Goodnight my readers, followers, bloggers.  I hope you all have a wondermus night and FRIDAY!  Im hopeful I will keep my blog thoughts through the dreams and morning battles with alarm clock!  Cya tomorrow!

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