Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 26, 365 days of 2011

Day 26, whew, can safely say, glad that this day 26 is almost over, well as soon as I finish this post and catch up on my readings....
It was a very busy Sunday here in the land of Doria.  I was in no hurry to drag my smokeless arse out of bed!  I didn't want the shower that was awaiting my arrival.  Didn't really want to taste the morning coffee without my morning cigarette.  It's day 3 of my quit smoking project.  3 projects in such a short year, so far, is really beginning to become bothersome.  I'm still on board with all 3 though *pats self on back*.  So today, after the cat fight in the kitchen between the 2 "non-smokers" in this house, I made it a point, to get my arse in gear, I scooped everything off my daughters floor and tossed it on her bed.  Vacuumed it up and put her to work to putting it all away!  Moved on to laundry and cleaning my own mess of a bedroom.  moved to the kitchen and made lunch for my daughter and some leftover pizza for myself.  Then it was OUTSIDE time.  It's 60 fucking degrees, lets get the HELL out of this house.  I NEED SUNSHINE!  We went to the park, yay, took the fearless, princess, still nameless car so she could visit the car wash.  She is all shiny and purdy now! *high fives*.  So we are on the way to the park, YAY!  Then off to skating!  Bought my daughter new skates for birthday and have only had time to break them in once, now twice!  YES!  It was a lot of fun, before and after the busted knee, of mine, and rug burn on my elbow.  Ugh!  Plus my feet hurt!  GAH!  With all of that, it was fun! 

Like I said before, glad this day is done!  I would enjoy have many more like it, very soon. I'm sure it's not in the cards again for a couple of weeks.. Damn! 

On another note, the skating rink today, was like an 80's nightmare! I mean WHOA!  Where and when did all the 80's gear and clothing come back in style?!  We attended an 80's party last year and that too was a nightmare, but this was....different...  I guess. I'd imagine it was all 80's and then some.  I'm hopeful we caught a couple of snapshots in there today, one of which was definitely worth a thousand words, very 80's-arific if I do say so myself.  These KIDS were rawking the one glove bright colored tights, tutu looking things with sparkles and rainbows.  fishnets!  Shoulder shirts!  Neon colored tank tops!  You name it.  There was a whole group of them. I'm curious as to if they just choose to dress this way or if someone thought it was a good idea to toss an 80's party at the skating rink.  I.was.confused.  Is this happening everywhere?

Goodnight my fellow bloggers, readers and followers.  I'm off to bedsy!  Cya tomorrow!


  1. Woow, you were so productive today. Non-smoking Doria with lots of energy :)

  2. Ahhhh, I remember skating parties in the actual early 80's... full of the hokey-pokey (ooooh, that sounds dirty), Madonna, Toto, and Duran Duran music, and oh yeah, the video games, which I spent more time playing than skating...damn I'm old...hahaha

  3. See? Better energy!!

    And I'm soooo jealous you have above freezing temps and sunshine. I hate Michigan.

  4. I'm very happy for the 2 productive days of nice weather I had! Today wasn't so lovely. Will blog more later.

    Meatbag, Im not sure what kind of music they played when I was young, I use to skate a lot as well, as a kid, and now, lol. But its all Justin Bieber and stuff now!??

    Sam- I'd never make it up there in Michigan. I'd just....die in the cold. Hope it warms up soon for you, and me now, soon! :))


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