Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 19, 365 days of 2011

Hello day 19!  It was a good day!  I had my niece for the morning, her mom came a little early and hung out drinking coffee for a while before she headed out.  That was nice.  I know I don't spend enough time with my sister, I need to somehow find time to do that more often.  We work together Monday thru Friday but that doesn't count as hanging out and just sitting and chatting.  Although we do catch ourselves chatting on facebook, while at work only a wall away from each other.  Crazy I know!

So for updaters, I went to see my Mom today.  Ah yes!  That was fun!  I enjoy going to visit with my parents. They live in what I call my home town.  We moved around some when we were young, but I completed half of 8th grade and my entire High School career there. I love the small town and the people.  It's always welcoming to drive through and just look at everything they keep changing.  It's funny how that works.  I guess they are trying to stay caught up with the times, it's unfortunate!  To the point, she did not approve of my having Mom tattooed on my arm..  haha.. She said she will divorce me if I get anymore tattoos.  She's so crazy.  Later on in the conversation we talked about other tattoos and she said I should get a dragonfly on my ankle.  I guess she just wants a divorce!  She is so crazy.  But I guess that's one of the many reasons, I heart my Mom! 

Anywhos....  All in all it was a good day and pretty good weekend.  For that I am glad, I know tomorrow I will be right back to work.  Again!  It's not fair.  Not really anyways.  But then again, what would I do if I didn't go kill time at work?  Just kill time at home? With now money!  That doesn't sound fun at all!

With that being said... I'm done blogging...  Shall I clean or just sit on my arse for the rest of my Sunday, oh the decisions!


  1. I'm really happy to hear that your mom is doing ok :) And that she didn't divorce you because of the mom tattoo. Could you post more pics of your other tatoos? I would love to see them ;)

  2. I will def post pics of my other tattoos! Yea she's a little better about it today, caught her off guard yesterday she said, haha.. She didn't choke or kill me, so that is a plus!

  3. So many people like you have the balls (well, not literally, figuratively) to get tats, and I've never gotten one...but I don't think a tat would look good on me no matter where I put it... I'm shaped like a potato and I have a face that can make a train take a dirt road, so I'm probably not tattoo material...hahaha...can't wait to see your others!

  4. Have a GREAT week - I love that you facebook someone in the same room on the other side of the wall. I worked in an office once where we IM'd eachother and we sat desks away... I always thought that would make a great sitcom episode!

  5. Meatbag- anyone can rawk a tattoo! None of that matters! If ya want it! Get it! haha.. Thats what Im doing anyways, haha.. :)

    KRiste- def could be a good idea for a sitcome. haha... I'd star in it for sure! haha


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