Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 6, 365 days of 2011...

Well me dear bloggers, it did indeed drop a lot of snow last night, don't get me wrong, it's pretty but it's also very inconvenient.  I am stuck here at home now, we did venture out to the local Kroger, WE WALKED.  It was COLD. But of course, that's what snow is.  So in light of all this fresh but cold arse snow, low and behold my day 6.
I made sure to dress extra warm, being as I'm just getting over that retched cold.  Ive got more layers than I knew I could put on including 2 pairs of gloves. I had every intention of being warm on this adventure. I think I did okay.  My toes were chilling and strangely when I disrobed some when arriving at Kroger, I felt like I was sweaty, which I'm sure can be a very bad thing in this weather.  Luckily it was a short trip!  The television is making sure to repeat over and over again how terrible it is and I believe they have put Georgia under and state of emergency or something.  How odd, they call snow a state of emergency. It's unfortunate all of the northerners finding themselves in ditches around here.  Georgia is to blame for this, we aren't use to this horrid weather and everything kind of shuts down when this happens.  Its redonkulous!  I'm hopeful the sun will shine and make it all go away.  Or perhaps hells fires can blaze up and melt it all away.  Something, please?  I won't complain about either!  hahaha..
So for all of your viewing pleasure, I shall share some of the snowy pictures Ive gotten thus far today. I'm not sure Ive any intentions on going back outside. So this may be all I have to show for this lovely awful snow! 
haha.. I was being a weeny and took this from the kitchen window.  Kitty was pouncing around me wanting to get outside, altho like I said last night, she was pretty furious with me for putting her down in the snow last night.  Silly kitty!

(Princess aka Devil Cat)

hahah look someone abandoned the shopping cart right there, I didn't even notice that.  It was slightly scary to walk down the sidewalks with all the people driving by, its like, oh no, will they lose control?  But alas we made it back alive and am now sitting comfortably on the couch with high hopes that all will stay well and we lose no power.  For that I fear will be the worst part of this winter storm.  Lack of power sucks sucks sucks!  Oh and last night they claimed they had thunder snow?  Thunder Snow?  So it's thundering while snowing.  Whatever happened to "thunder storm"?  The things that people say.
Good day my fellow readers, bloggers, followers.  We shall try and stay our warmest with hopes that tomorrow is better.  Have a great day everyone!

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  1. I love the snow!!! So glad you got a little winter weather. We have about 3x that with more on the way. make a snow angel for me!


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