Sunday, January 16, 2011

Small, Invisible Bum?

So since the freeze here is what I'm seeing outside under the stairs by our building.
Yes I know, it is pretty dirty out there. I have yet to get off my arse and get outside into the storage closet to get my "outdoor" broom. Yes I have more than one broom.  Doesn't everyone?  I think so!

So yes, I've been looking at this each time I walk by. What is that you say?  Let's take a closer look, shall we?

Okay, so we've a better look at this one, I think.  Looks a little better to me, I've added some text and lets take inventory, shall we?  Okay, so you see there is a pack of QT matches. - check.  We've got numerous pieces of bread and of course a whole piece of bread.  Then there is the cigarette butt and what's that?  A bed?  So what I've been trying to determine, all week, what do we have here?  Is there some unknown Bum, invisibly small bum sleeping outside our apartment?  I'm opted to think it's a smoking animal of some sorts. Lucky us he doesn't smoke very much, I'd hate to come out tomorrow with a collection of cigarette butts.

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