Wednesday, January 5, 2011

1 for Wednesday

Well it's a Wednesday, I'm bored, again, I glance around my desk and area and see nothing that I really want to be doing today.  So bloggers, here is something I'm asking you...  Which one is better?! 
I don't know if I blogged on my hair lately or at all honestly.  In 2010 I went through a lot with my hair.  This color, that color, this long, this short, this style, all that fun!  Now I'm in a spot where I really want to go back to my black hair. However I am torn because I damn near shaved my head to get the black out of my hair. I really wanted red hair.  Ive no idea why, my hair LOVES red, like LOVVVES! red.  It soaks it up and takes it in FOREVER!
This little princess here, see above, from the popular? television show, in which my daughter simply adores, gave me the idea to want my hair red. Mine isn't quite like hers, not as pink, which I would totally adore, but it was the closest I could get. I still love her hair and totally want it for my own, but I think I'm past this red phase.  I'm aching to go back black but at the same time, I'm terrified.  This I don't know why, I loved my hair black.  It was so nice! 

Oh well, just my random thoughts for today... Wait for it, Ive one more for this day to come!

Good day my fellow bloggers!


  1. I vote for red. "Now" is definitively better than "then".

  2. I think I have decided, as I posted in #2 for today to wait it out on the black. A friend of mine is actually going to pull some highlighting trick on my hair, I will give it a shot, see how it turns out! Streak my hair up a little, keep the red for a lil while longer, should be interesting, will def post pics for all to see!

  3. I agree... red is much better. It gives you a more youthful, glowing look.

  4. Jobonster, I checked out these photos and am not sure if the blame falls on the camera or the settings or what, but I can see the youthful glow, oddly enough. Lucky me I talked to a lady friend and she will try and stick some highlights in my hair this weekend! Pics to come!


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