Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 25, 365 days of 2011.

Day 25, and what a lovely Saturday it was.  I had to work today, BOO to that.  It ate up most of my Saturday but at least I made some extra cash doing it!  Can't complain about that, being I'm a broke arse this week!  La-La-La!  The weather was so super awesome today, yay!Work flew by, the smokers on the lot made me nuts, but of course, I can't smoke... Can I?  haah... It's day 2 of my quitting.  I've not smoked in 2 days, I'm still rawking the patch.  Had my thoughts this morning about not wearing it today, but I did.  I didn't have the urges to light up today, I felt a craving from time to time, but no real urges. I'm hopeful soon I will be done with that. I don't feel like wearing these patches for the eternity that they are saying you have to wear them.  I don't think I have to do that, I think I have more will power than that.  I ran some today, wasn't to bad, but I've not exercised in a couple of days. Erg!  I'm worried about a heartastroke or something wearing this nicotine patch.  The box as well as the information they included doesn't really tell much of warnings.  Could it be there aren't any?  So it's day 2 of my quit smoking.  I am glad for that.  Smoke free for 2 days!  That's some kind of record for me!  SPEAKING OF RECORDS.  I think I may have a record on my hair.  It's been red for the whole month of January, of a red nature.  Actually it may have been red back in December.  Holy Hell!  This is a record for me?  I've a couple of days left, should I go ahead and change it now?!  I'm kidding, or am I?! 

Goodnight my readers, followers and fellow bloggers! I'm hopeful tomorrow will be as good, weather wise, as today was. I'm excited with this warm weather!  I hope everyone else is staying warm as well! 


  1. Try to keep yourself busy and try not to think about smoking and not-smoking. The more you think about it the harder it is.

    You can be proud of yourself!

  2. Thanks Starlight, Im trying :) *hugs*


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