Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 5, 365 days of 2011

Hello there my fellow bloggers/ readers/ followers.  I hope you are all having a wondermus day!  Today is okay, I would say.  Although I remembered this afternoon that the letter the apartment complex left on my door expires tomorrow and they will be entering my apartment to change out the busted blinds hanging in my windows, Thanks Princess aka Devil Cat!  So I make the mad dash to Walmart to pick up blinds, lucky me, only 2 needed a replacing!  For that I am happy.

So today is my 5th day, going strong, with my project.  It took me about 15 pictures to get this one, but no where does it say you can't pick and choose to get one that is just right?!  Does it?!  Oh well!!

I'm not very talkative today, I guess, I feel the need to clean clean clean today and my vacuum is feeling slightly neglected.  haha.. He's very envious of the mop which I was playing with earlier.  Best be careful it may decide to pack up and move out on me, for that I would be very sad.

Good day my readers. 



  1. UGH! Cleaning. Should have done that today... except, I opted for movies all afternoon.... and now? Pfff, it's just too late to start now! But tomorrow is another day! I like to think of Sunday in the biblical sense.... the day of rest. *snickers and winks*

  2. Lady Ive no idea what rest on sunday is, I think that is my saturday, haha.. Seems I play catchup with my chores and laundry, oh how I hate laundry, on sundays. blah! I like your idea better, watch movies all day, Lucky!

  3. You take plenty of good pictures! Me on the other hand, I take a good picture of myself about once every three years...hahaha


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