Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 15, 365 days of 2011

Day 15!  And what a day 15 it was!  Feels like a day 15.  Ugh!  Work was busy as hell.  Finally cleared my desk of all the shit that has been piling up this year, very frustrating.  I'm usually very organized and filed, it has taken me 19 days to get that done!  I'm never that bad.  Oh well.  It's done now.  So, I'm done with it! I slacked off/forgot/whatever about my photo, again today, didn't remember until tonight after putting my daughter in bed for the 14th time.  Why is is children just can't seem to plant themselves in that bed and stay there?  Or perhaps it's just my child that cannot seem to achieve such things?  After battle 16 of the night, I then blew my lid and turned the television off in her room. TV is the devil!  Among other things, but tonight, it's TV.  I'm sure if I sneak back in there, I'm sure she has it back on.  *grumbles*...
So, I'm moving on to other topics.  See my Coke cans. I don't know what possessed me to being my collection of them.  So far I've got how many, lets count, from left to right, 7 Coke cans.  They are the Christmas cans, if you didn't already figure that out. I actually started this collection the year my daughter was born!  2004, and I'm up to 2010!  Yay!  Now the reason I'm blogging about boring old Coke cans... Well I pulled them down for dusting, haha, dusting, I hate dusting.  It sucks!  It's evil and Id prefer to have a cute french maid parade around and do the dusting for me.  (No, Ive no homosexual tendencies, I promise.)  But I'd rather to never dust again... Back to the point... One of them leaked out onto the top of the book shelf.  Um, how is it possible for a never opened or damaged can to leak on top of the book shelf, I am as stumped as you.  Whatevski, I've cleaned it up and actually tapped 1 hole into the bottom of the can to release all the liquid.  Now I'm stuck as to how to get ALL of the liquid out of the can.  *turns green and tears shirt off*  That being said, I'm open to ideas. 

And lastly, but definitely not least, I've decided to up and run off to get a new tattoo this weekend.  yippie!  It's not my favorite thing to suffer through the stabbing needles or whatever you call it, I don't really like the pain and I usually run to the bathroom at the beginning. I think it's the adrenaline?  So low and behold... My next tattoo...

For my mom!  She  is going to hate me and be so very mad at me, she hates me getting inked.  I don't know why,  but  I mean how can you be mad at this?  Just look at her and give her those big blue puppy dog eyes and say "But Mom, I got your name tattooed on me!"  She will have no choice but LOVE it!  I will say Im excited, that's why I'm off this weekend to get it done! 

I'm also feeling the ache to change my hair again.. I'm not fond of the color anymore, or is it just a bad day?  Ugh...

So my readers, fellow bloggers, followers.  Have a great night! I'm off to handle facebook!


  1. That tattoo is hella cute! I'm sure she will be more flattered than angry this time :)

    Also, Midget NEVER stays in bed. I swear it takes like, 18 hours to put her down -- it's amazing.

    "I'm thirsty."
    "Can you send daddy up? I have to tell him something."
    "I want you!"
    "Today, at school !!"

    Then, when we think she's finally asleep:

    "GUYS?! What are you DOING down there???"

  2. awwww...well hell, you're doing it for mama? Is it going to be somewhere on your person where she can see it? hehehe

  3. I always had to let the kids have the tv on to fall asleep. I know, I know so bad they say. Well it worked! Good luck with the tattoo!

  4. hex lex, it drives me bonkers, my daughter uses some of those excuses! Ugh!!! hahaha..

    Meatbag, Yes Im doing it for my Momzie and yes, Im gonna rawk it on the arm!!

    Kristen- my daughter has always had a tv. Her dad was a dedicated tv watcher, he couldn't sleep without it on and I guess wanted to make sure she turned out the same, I know for sure, she falls asleep faster with it off! VICTORY IS MINE!

    Thanks for the good lucks on the tatt! Im supah excited!!


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