Sunday, January 9, 2011

No No No!

SONOFABITCH it's snowing like MAD here. It's been going strong for what only seems like an hour and we have like an inch of snow.  I fear this may be bad!  Like I may be stuck in this apartment for a day or so with no way of getting out of here.  How often I wish for something like this, but never mean it. Not by any means.  Maybe on a nice summer day when Ive saved a sick day for a day I feel better. But not like this...

For you viewing pleasure and until tomorrow.  Goodnight bloggers. Stay warm! 

 The snow flakes are pretty, if I didn't hate them so.  Oh and kitty absolutely HATED the snow, haha.  I had to take her out in it, her first time.  She damn near clawed me to death!  Mean ole kitty!
Awe my poor lil car getting all snowy.  I just know she is hating it as much as I am.  She will be furious in the morning at me for leaving her out in this weather.  Ut oh... Once again, good night readers, I'm sure I will have a lot of white pictures to blog about tomorrow! 


  1. Try to find something positive in the situation. Spending the whole day with your daughter for instance?

  2. Welcome to my life every winter. Ugh! Sucks, doesn't it? I keep trying to convince my husband to move south, but apparently.... the snow is there too! haha. Anyway, sorry you're getting what you don't want. Strangely, while we have gotten a little snow.... the big storms keep missing us! They say in global warming....the south and north will be switching weather systems. YAY for me... bad for you and oh yeah.... global warming, REALLY bad for all of us! ha

  3. Starlight, unfortunately, my daughter is stuck at her dads house. So it looks like it will be a few days before i see her either. *cries*

    Jobonster, I guess I will be making my way north then, I cant stand this winter weather. Global warming, shouldnt it be warmer then? haha


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