Wednesday, January 5, 2011

365 days of 2011...?

So last year I took on a project.  This project remains incomplete and resting peacefully in my facebook albums.  The project was to take a picture of yourself every day for an entire year - abstract, upfront, happy, crazy, ugly, whatever. Its a lesson in personal growth and an eye-opening experience to see how you change every day!  

Well I got about a month or so into the project and gave it up, forgot, whatever.  And today as I was bored out back, smoking of course, tisk tisk tisk, I had the thought that it would have been nice to actually complete that in 2010.  It crossed my mind to attempt for 2011, but I'm already what, 5 days into the New Year.  I'm late with that project.  The project that I have yet to commit to.  I find myself only remembering to take photos at work, I was clicking through the album and noticed the majority of them are at work. Oh well....  Its a thought... I guess!

(Day 1)

I guess the idea came earlier when I was blogging about my hair color and changing it yet again.  So I'm clicking through what seems like a MILLION photos on my facebook and admiring how much I changed throughout those photos, not me as a person or even so much aging or anything, but wow!  I did change my hair a lot!  That made me giggle and ache for a changing again.  We shall see... I'm pondering the ideas and possibly thinking about putting off the black for a little while longer, perhaps I will find me an oh so adorable wig of black hair over the weekend. 

I'm still sickly and honestly would enjoy an early bedtime tonight, but something tells me my addiction to facebook isn't going  to allow me to do such things! 

A day like this is what I had to work with today, the sun was trying to shine down on me, but all those damn clouds just wouldn't let it and then it rained rained rained and I'm sure it's still raining... *cries*
Good night bloggers, we shall see you tomorrow!

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  1. You can adjust the project and take a pic once a week or so. It seems like an interesting project I would love to read about your progress :)


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