Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 8, 365 days of 2011

Hello there fellow bloggers/ readers/ followers.  It's day 8.  I'm relatively happy to announce I was able to make it out today!  Whew and what a day it was.  I went to work for only about 5 hours, but my bill collectors will be happy.  Well some of them *winks*.  So it's day 8 and once again I'm filling this day 8 with all the joyous things that went on today!  But low and behold... Me on day 8.  I'm not sure the expression on my face, I was actually kind of surprised I was able to get this in one take.  ha ha.  That doesn't happen to very often, not for me anyways.  So BAM!  Go me!  Go me!  Go me!  Yes I really am slightly shot out.  It's okay, you still love me!  Just admit it, we will all feel better when you do! I'm tired... Here is my 'fun' for today. I blogged yesterday? that I tried to escape the apartment complex in the SUV with no success.  Well today it was attempted again, not by me, mind you and no!  Damn thing still wouldn't do it.  Rear wheel drive is stupid!  Wasn't I blogging in "American Muscle" ranting and raving about taking away the rear wheel drive? WTF!  But... my darling Camry rang Champion today!  She made it in places that no SUV could go.  I tip my hat to my darling car, and it's time NOW to name this darling car of mine! 
Yes!  There she is!  My little princess champion of the day!  I am so proud of her and slightly of myself for maneuvering her through the weather!  She did awesome!  Now for you my bloggers, can you help me name this precious princess of mine?  Can't name her Princess, because Devil Cat is aka Princess! So, ready, set, NAME!  A little insight on the life of my car. I bought it in 2005 and it had some problems and kinks, but I think it's safe to say they've been worked out, or rode out anyways.  She has like 250,000 miles on her.  And yes!  I've always had "chic" cars, by that I mean, my cars have always been "hers" . I'm rawking the black bumper, because I've replaced it and never had it painted. The fender you see in this picture was also once black, but I purchased some white spray paint last year and took care of that, rust was impending.  So there you go, a little background on the nameless Champion of today!  You readers must think I'm seriously challenged.  But I've warned you many times how random I am and well how bored I find myself, which sends my thoughts into la-la land! Lastly for today... Our adventures at work.  I said I made it in today and I was glad for this, however it was necessary for me to take my daughter to work with me. *grumbles*  She loves to go to work with mom, but lawdy it can drive me bonkers sometimes.  This was the fun part of work today...  That whole hill which comes down into
workplace was ICE!  Just a nice sheet of ice. No one was ever able to pass down this hill, nor go up this hill.  We attempted to walk up this hill, I gave up and drove my fearless champion up the other hill which I should have taken a photo of, but dammit I forgot! It took me 3 shots to make it up the other hill, it was a mess at work today!  But some of us made it in and made it out alive.  I'm hopeful for tomorrow and my daughter will be heading to her dads in the morning, for the day.  Which will make my work schedule a little more bearable tomorrow!  All in all it was a pretty good day bloggers.  I hope all was well for you all!  Good night my readers, I'm hopefully going to get back to other random blogs again soon, right now it's just erratic with work and snow and everything else!

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