Thursday, January 6, 2011

day 2 of my 365, 2011.

And here we are again, neglecting the work I should be doing but just can't make myself do.  I'm still sick today and still adore my lovely white starry shirt.  I love clothes, shoes and accessories. Back to the point. My sickness has now moved from my head to my lungs, as of this morning. It sucks!  I cough and cough to no end. Oh well... So I'm going strong with my 365 days, I think, for now! 

And here we are with day 2, I hope you bloggers don't mind me doing this, it should be lotsa fun and would be interesting if I actually complete it!  *fingers crossed*

Ah yes, crapola photo #1 of my 2011. I must have deleted about 15 photos just to get this one, half decent photo.  Yay for being sick!!

Good Day my bloggers!  Have an awesome Thursday!


  1. What a lovely photo (I love your hair!).

    I was wondering if you're maybe on Twitter?

    Have a lovely day :)

  2. hey Starlight, thanks for the comment! I am not on twitter, but as you know I am on facebook. Look me up, my email is!


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