Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 24, 365 days of 2011.

Well hello there day 24.  And what a day it was, I'm sure my readers have seen me very busy today with posts.  I must fill my time with something, being as I'm not smoking.  It's okay though, gives me something to do, and you all should have that little red X in the top right corner in the event you just aren't interested.  But I know my readers wouldn't do that, cause we lub each other?

As I was saying... it was a lovely day.  I was so very happy for the nice warm day we had and so excited for the nice warm weekend we will have this weekend.  It sucks I have to work tomorrow, damnsonofabitchbullshit work!  With that being said.  I am still happy the weather is looking up, if only for a weekend, even if I will be at work.  Sunday on the other hand, we are going SKATING.  Yes!  My daughter loves skating and I bought her some skates for her birthday, she was excited about that. We have only had time to use them once  so far this year, glad I bought a couple sizes to big!  *pats on back*   My daughter got honor roll again this year, I r proud of her.  She really is so smart!  Yays!

I'm off to bed fellow bloggers, readers, followers.  I hope you all have a pleasant tomorrow and an awesome weekend. 

Funny news on television/news the past couple of days.  There is an escaped pot belly pig running through the woods along side the highway. The cops have been chasing said pig for the last couple of days.  It's making me giggle!

My left sinus is stopped up, damnit!  It's terribly uncomfortable.  Ugh!


  1. I'm glad you made if through the day (you did, right?!?) and I'm very proud of you. *high fives*

    About the weather... my opinion is, that a month after new year should already be summer. So where the f*** is the freaking summer?

  2. Have a great weekend! Careful of pigs...

  3. hahah.. Made it through the day with minimal collateral damage Starlight! Thanks for your support and GAH I know, where the F**k is summer! Sheesh!

    Kristen... Am always careful of pigs, they yucky and dirty, hehe.. Except bacon,yum!


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