Friday, August 24, 2012

Day 231 and 232, 2012

Just a quick post for tonight,  I want to hit the bed early tonight for the long day ahead of me tomorrow.  Baby shower in Toccoa, GA. Which is roughly an hour or two from my house, with a pit stop at Mama MB's to pick her and my niece up... Exciting!!

Thursday August 23rd,
Friday August 24th
Day from hell today and yesterday at work.  One of our customers decided it was a good idea to be a complete jerk.  All because I just can't seem to control traffic.  Go figure!!

Oh, before I go... We got a closing date today!!  Our first closing date!  August 30th.  I'm not letting myself get excited yet, just  in case, but it's going to be pretty awesome if it works out!!

So until tomorrow,

Hang in there!


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    1. I know right!! Be excited for me, until we close :)

  2. Hey MB, believe it or not I was in Toccoa in another life. I visited the college and even ate at their restaurant and looked around in the gift shop. Enjoyed the area a lot.

    1. I've never visited their college or ate anywhere other than my aunts and a couple of places up there. That town isn't the place I'd want to live. Very....crappy I think. :/

  3. Hope your weekend weekend went well...

    I used to call my sister monkey butt when we growing up ;-]

    1. Hello and welcome Kroc. Was a pretty good weekend, thanks! Your sis sounds like a cool chic! :)

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    1. Fantastic indeedy! Like I told CW, be excited for me, until Friday. Then maybe I can be excited too! ;)


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