Monday, August 27, 2012

Day 233, 234 and 235, 2012

Happy MONkeyDAY my dear Dingleberries,    How was it?  Anything worth blogging about?  I've plenty to bitch about, but will try and avoid doing so. 

How was your weekend?  My last post was Friday night-ish and well we got into a few things over the weekend, dare I share them?  Of course I will! 

I will try to go day by day as we go along with this one today.  This just in .... Granny MB calls and tells me she's going to pick up Mama MB and take her to the ER. She's been having pains in her side and back over the weekend, but told us that it wasn't anything to complain about.  Just a dull ache or something.  Why does she not tell us everything.... and then wait until we're gone and a day later people are calling me telling me what's going on. Shit like that really irks me!  Granny MB tells me she will keep me posted and I assume I'll be sleeping like shit tonight!  Then of course when I call Papa MB he seems...ODD.  I don't know what's going on up there. What those two are doing or how they are feeling about anything. 

This closing needs to happen, because frankly I think it's time I step in and counsel this shit or something. Can you see it now?  MB counseling, lol.  Here I am spilling my whole life to a blogosphere of awesome people like you.  It's cheaper than therapy ya know?  I can be too!  Well, for them anyway!

Day 233
Saturday, August 25th
Saturday was the day for the baby shower, a million miles away and a major headache later. It was nice seeing my aunt again and always a blast to get Mama MB out of the house, though I don't think she agreed with that.  I think perhaps this new chemo is running her down a bit more than she has in the past. She's tired lately and as I said up there, she has had some side pain and back pain.  I hope it's nothing.. Pray it's nothing!

Day 234
Sunday, August 26th
Mama MB agreed to watch Pokey Saturday night. Which was a nice thing to do, considering she had my niece this weekend as well. It was a chance  for Mr MB and I to go out and do something. He took us to PF Changs at the Mall of GA.  I had never ate there before and had only actually seen the dinners in the freezer section, don't think I ever purchased them before.  The dinner was nice, I wore my fancy red heels that I haven't worn in a while.  We opted out of the theater and went home to watch a movie instead.  Watched Hunger Games.  Not bad I'd have to say.   I'm curious what they will do in the future and am tempted to read the books just to find out. 

Church was church. I'm actually considering becoming a member and getting a bit more involved when we move.  I don't think that will be a bad thing at all, it will actually teach my kid some morals and maybe perhaps something else.  She's such a butt these days. 

Day 235
MONkeyDAY, August 27th
 Girl Scouts tonight, quite possibly our last meeting with that group of girls. I'm struggling with the worry of finding the troop information in the city we will be moving to. I really want to stick with this one and let her go through the steps.  She really seems to enjoy it!

Still trying to keep my excitement down in regards to the closing.  Shit could go wrong at any time, considering who we're dealing with. 

But we shall see where it goes and I can't wait to share all about it when it does happen. I should be packing right now.... and reading....I'm not doing either, well... unless you count reading over this post to make sure it's all in line. 

That's all for the night,  more to come tomorrow.  I'd say!

Hang in there!


  1. good luck with everything going on!!
    hope you do find'll be happy with the support. I think that those church ladies saved my life and my sanity.

  2. Wow, "3" pictures of MB today and I like that hat girl. Glad you and Mr. MB had some time to yourselves.Hopefully you will get the closing done soon and can settle down and do the things you have been wanting to do. Have a great Tuesday and take care.

  3. Agreee with Annemarie... I think your coming closer to a church family, at this time, is a very good thing- and no coincidence. Hope Mama MB is doing better.


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