Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thursday's Monkey Butt: JoAnne Rambles

Hello my Dingleberries and welcome to this week's Monkey Butt. I know it's become our favorite part of the week, hasn't it?  Still haven't seen any butts though.  May be a bit of false advertisement huh?  So enough of my babble, this week I'm sharing one from the oh so lovely Jo-Anne over at Jo-Anne's Ramblings .  Go check her out, very awesome lady. So now I will her share her little evil Monkey, George and the good Monkey, Steve.  Enjoy!

George and Steve come from the warped mind of my youngest daughter
::J:: ........................they use to live her bedroom and George
was always plotting to do her some harm and Steve was always trying to
protect her although considering how often George managed to hurt her we
really had doubts how good Steve ;-)

Also George always said he was the better looking of the two of them but
really they are identical, in fact I have only ever seen one of them at
a time so I would wonder if there was only one monkey with a split

Why what big eyes you have little evil spawn child!

George likes to drive fast cars and Steve prefers to ride red some point this other smaller monkey turned up
in the bedroom when asked who it was ::J:: was told by George that it
was his evil spawn but she told me that Steve said it was in fact his
son and there was nothing evil about him but when you looking into those
big eyes at times they seem evil to

::J:: is now 23yrs old and a mother of a 4yr old son and no longer
lives here but George/Steve and the offspring still live here and are
played with my my grandchildren mostly my granddaughter ::SM:: who
is 2yrs old, ::SM::  loves the monkey who she calls "Monkey" although
::J:: has told me that "Monkey" is really "Steve".

My daughter has always had a good imagination

I'm glad to hear that George, the evil one is no longer there. That he has gone off to better trees and left Steve there to take care of the children.  What a lovely story from Jo-Anne. Many a thankies for the lady in the far away land.  I'm so glad she shared her Monkey(s) with us today. Like I've said, go check her out.  Awesome stuff!!

So that wraps up another weeks Monkey Butt, please do not hesitate to send me any other ideas or pictures or anything you might have.  I'd love to share it!   Send me an email whatsonyourmindmonkeybutt (at) gmail (dot) com.  (yea I've a new email addy now)

Hang in there!


  1. Ah I love it and I love you both, super awesome

  2. I will get my monkey arse in gear and try find a picture soon!

  3. hehe pics of monkey butt looking cute :p

    1. It is a cute monkey, that's for sure. So thankful that Joanne shared this with us! :)

  4. Monkey sleeping, is me today : )

    1. Catching up on some extra sleep are we Tim? :) Hope it was a good one!

  5. Thank you for sharing the story of George and Steve......I hope others find them as amusing as I do.......

    1. No thank you for sharing Jo-Anne. It was lovely to learn all about the evil and nice ones. And especially that evil looking spawn, hehee...

  6. Great post as always MB. Headed fast into the weekend and had some much needed rain last night which has cooled things down a little. Have a blessed Friday.

    1. Thanks Odie. It hasn't rained here since Wednesday I think. Well, not where I am anyway! It's still hot though. I hope you have a great weekend as well !! :)

  7. That was a really fun story. It remained me of a monkey my brother had when he was small. It was always getting into all kinds of mischief... LOL. Susan visiting from Jo-Ann's Blog


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