Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Day 215, 2012

Tuesday, August, 7th

After a few attempts throughout the day I wasn't able to capture a picture I was willing to share until it was time to go home, no I'm not driving this time while taking the picture!   

It was another day in paradise here in Monkey Butt land, for those who saw my Music post (again)  I hope you listened to it again.  lols.  Ya know you wanted to. I've a few other ideas I want to run into Tuesdays posts.  Some music I keep reminding myself.  It's always something good, ya know!

Still watching the Olympics, just hung up the phone with Mama Monkey Butt. They're attempting to figure out how to work a Kindle Fire, are you kidding, I can barely figure out my LG Env3 phone and they're trying to work something like that. Sometimes I feel so left behind in the times.

As some of you have read I've started reading Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, so far it's good stuff. I'm trying to read as much as possible and get caught up with the club.  Not that I know I'm behind or anything, I've got a few more days to get through some pages. It's good though, I think!

Lastly, some shout outs and thanks to Odie for the mailbox love. Always a blast getting postcards in the mail :)

Happy Tuesday, cya tomorrow!!

Hang in there!

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