Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Day 222 & 223, 2012

Happy Wednesday Dingleberries, How many of you caught this weeks What I'm Loving Wednesday?  I put forth a great deal of effort and clicking to get that posted for you today, ya better check it out ;) Go ahead, I'll wait.

So, let's move on.. .Shall we? 

Today was yet another day in paradise.  Ya have seen me babble this week about the home purchase stuff and the stress it's causing me. I think we've got it figured out now.

  • Got the termite inspect done...
  • Got the foundation inspected
  • Got the septic inspected
  • And they can add the first years insurance into the mortgage and everything else will go into escrow for future stuff
Now we wait...Some more.  But there is a little bit of good news. Seems as though our part of it is DONE.

Tuesday, August 14th
Watching Listening to the news tonight and it's making my brain ache.  It may not be the news though, they're talking about political stuff and I'm so lost with it this time. I mean I've never really gotten into politics, I've only voted once and I've no idea who I'm voting for this year. Though from what I hear EVERYONE with a brain or at least half of a brain is saying to vote Obama out.  It is what it is and I'd love to know more, but sadly I won't spend the time trying to figure it out. I'm just a slacker like that. Anyone care to share their opinions and ideas on this whole thing. I'm open to suggestions at this point.

I did recently vote NO on the whole 1 percent tax thing to improve the traffic.  Load of bullshit if you ask me. They won't ever be able to make Atlanta, GA traffic better. That will take an act of God or something.  But they gave it a shot, we just wouldn't allow it. 

Wednesday, August 15th
Now they've moved from politics to foods, chocolate actually. They're telling me if I eat the dark chocolate, which isn't my favorite I can live longer.

They're so full of it.

I walked today, I plan, hope I can do it everyday for a while. I'm tired of being lazy and it's making me ache.

I need a drink. I need a stiff drink. I almost downed the bottle (not the whole thing) of Tequila tonight, but the thought of it made me gag. I still want it though. Wishing we had some beer or something, ugh..

I need to get some sleep, I didn't go to bed with the chickens tonight. That shits for the birds.  What's the difference between sitting here blogging to you good people and laying in bed awake wishing for sleep? Sounds like a dumb move if you ask me. 

Good night Dingleberries,

Hang in there!


  1. Romney has already been caught in too many lies to be trusted as president. The Republicans would balance the budget on the backs of the middle class while giving unpaid tax credits to those who need them the least. Romney can't release his tax records because for ten year he paid nothing while transferring his wealth overseas. Not my idea of a patriot.

  2. Right on, Stephen!

    I find Romney's anti-intellectual expressions down right bewildering. The term is 'Sikh' and not 'sheik'. Grr.

    His visit to London just before the kick-off of the Olympics was also marred 'WTF?' moments. Way to go, Romney, for publicly voicing your extreme doubt over whether or not LDN was 'ready' to host the games. To totally mangle the infamous Lloyd Bentsen quote: I know Salt Lake City. It is no London.

  3. MB, I know you know I disagree vehemently with your two commenters above, but I don't feel like turning your place into a war zone for it. I'll just say it's rich for Obama supporters to call Romney a liar in light of all of the lies poured into the "Joe the Steelworker" commercial. Or the speech about the Farm bill. Or...

  4. Politics have turned disgusting no matter who is running for what. Everything is negitive, like we actually need more negitivity. I have campaigned for some local yokels, and I even ran for city council once, hoping to make a difference. Anymore it makes me ill.

    I have fourteen "I Voted" stickers on my stereo speakers, some are so old the nicotine has turned them brown :O

    The question we all must ask ourselves before voting is, "Are we on the right track?" "Am I better off now than I was four years ago?"

    Other than that I don't know what else to tell you Doria. Vote with your heart and mind for a better tomorrow, but please do vote!

  5. Freedom and voting are things that many have sacrificed blood and lives to give us this freedom, if we don't use our freedoms, I'm afriad we may loose some of them.

  6. I also fear that one day I may not be able to spell at all : )

    1. I too have the same fear, did you see where I used your and you're in the wrong places the other day? I hoping everyone missed it, don't go looking, I've already fixed it... i hope! :)


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