Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Music For A Tuesday: Everlast

Many many a year ago, while a teenager in high school. I really enjoyed some Everlast music and some House of Pain.  I loved it really and still enjoy it quite often. I didn't stay tuned with Everlast after his Whitey Ford Sings the Blues album.I guess I kind of fell out of the scene. Boys I could actually see and touch became more interesting than those silly hollywood crushes.  Though he is a damn hottie. Was then and still is!

I hope you Dingleberries enjoy this weeks music. It's one I love to hear from time to time and many more of his to follow.

I remember having a poster of his on my wall as a teenager. Boy was so fine!

Hang  in there! 


  1. I feel ancient all of a sudden...

    Don't know what House of Pain is, probably because I am too old, but I liked the vid so maybe I can fit in with the younger crowd!

    1. Awe stop. House of Pain, hip hop band from the 90's. That was before Everlast (as he calls himself) went out on his own which is where this video comes from. House of Pain, their big one was "Jump Around" :) You'd def fit in with the yungens!


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