Thursday, August 9, 2012

Good news on Day 217, 2012

Thursday, August 9th
Happy Thursday Dingleberries, everyone catch today's cute little monkey 'butt'  Thursday?  I thought he was a cutie and many thankies to Lizard Happy for sharing him recently so I could borrow it as well :)  I'm still overwhelmed with pictures coming in my email of monkeys.  I love it!!

So as I said, I've some good news tonight. Buuuut, before I tell you that, let me show/tell you something that makes me sick!!

So this is money.. WE all know about that stuff.  Root of all evil, green and papery with ink and all. I gots some of it today.  See these two bills here, summing up to what, two hundred smackers?  I pulled these out when I arrived at daycare today.  Sadly, I didn't get much change back from these! I'm terrified at the thought of the day my child will be old enough to stay home by herself, but in regards to the money part of it. I'm willing to give it a shot, when she's oh twenty five or so.   Anyone else ever feel like they spend all their money on childcare?  Ugh!!

So let's move on, to the good news, because I know some of you can't wait!! I posted earlier about being impatient, check it out HERE, if you haven't already.... I will wait...

Mom's Cancer Update,

Ya read me stressing what news they might have today.   what they might say about the recent CTscans.  It makes me sick to think about and selfishly I never once thought how Mama Monkey Butt might think.  They told her today that the brain cancer has dried up or is asleep.  Let me just say I've never been so happy in my life, I've not heard any news as good as that, EVER!  I am overflowing with happy and love and just can't wait to see my Mom so that I can hug her like I never hugged her before. 

We cried a little today on the phone, when I told her how good of news that was.  I think it was a little cry of relief, because honestly, and I can't speak for anyone but myself, that was the biggest relief I've had all year. I know we still have a ways to go, but this shit ain't over!

Mama Monkey Butt told me she was scared they were going to tell her bad news and that she had such and such time left. 

I can't imagine how that must have felt, the relief she must have felt when he told her something good.  She said she didn't think she was going to make it.  I can't bear the thought of that.

I love my Mama Monkey Butt and so do a lot of you, a lot of you also love me and mine.  Let me just extend a big thank you, a big virtual hug and thanks again for all he well wishings and prayer. 

I love you my big Internet family!!!

We're Hanging in there!


  1. That's fantastic news! :) So happy for you guys!

  2. Yes, really good news about Mama Monkey Butt.

  3. Praise the Lord!!! That is the best news I've heard in such a long time. I got your sweet card today and it sure made me smile but this is even better. I know you will have a wonderful weekend celebrating the great news. Make sure and let her know how happy her friend Odie is way up there in NC.

    1. I've never praised the Lord before Odie, but I'm trying to start! I'm so happy they had good news. I'm glad you received the card as well :) Have an awesome weekend yourself!

  4. And a big hug back to you and Mama MB!

  5. Think of the daycare care money as being priceless Doria, if you are sure that Pokey is there and your mind is at ease and not worried, it's well worth it right? : )

    My prayers continue, to keep that stuff in remission and your Mom can rest easy. Peace


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