Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Day 208 and 209, 2012

Short post for tonight, it's already 10:30 and I'm tired tonight.  Was another busy day at work we're meeting Pokey's 3rd grade teacher tomorrow morning.  How exciting. I can't believe she is already in 3rd grade. How did this happen?

Still having troubles with the home purchase people, ugh.

Mama Monkey Butt says her hair has fallen out, again. I keep telling her she looks amazing with or without hair.  Why is it so hard for women to take compliments and accept them?  Sheesh!! She's feeling a lot more  like herself now that they're weening her off of those steroids.  She said they were making her feel crazy and she'd blown up with some weight.  She said that's calmed down some as well. 

Good news around right?  Now for more with the next scans. Can't wait!!

Day 208
Tuesday, July 31st
Day 209
Wednesday, August 1st
It's already the first of August.  I can't believe summer is over. That's no fair!  I hope you all enjoyed it. I did my best.

Pokey did my hair tonight, it looked awesome!!


Hang in there!


  1. I've no idea what year "3rd Grade" is lol! Women will always have trouble accepting comments lol

  2. I personally like the middle shot with that cute pose and those glasses look great on you. Hope this is a wonderful thursday for you and your sweet mama. Still praying for you and her.

  3. OMG! Pokey didded you hair wonderfully! I miss the days when my youngest (GingerJesus) used to create 'styles' with mine (haystack-head I've got!).

    Loe to your mum, Doria!


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