Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Day 230, 2012

August 22nd
The days are weird at work, I'm glad we've picked up some, but it's odd not sitting around bored all day.  Been thinking about that whole career change thing... Don't know what I'd want to do, or what I'm willing to sacrifice, life wise. 

It's so hard being a grown up.

I'd love to do something other than sit on my ass all day though.  Ya know what I mean?  Or am I the only one who sits on their ass all day long? 

Hope everyone had a fabulous Wednesday, did you check out today's What I'm Loving Wednesday? 

It's time for me to hit the bed.... Goodnight

Hang in there.


  1. Non-ass-sitting jobs:
    landscape architect
    (Two out of three of these I've done and it was a good time.)

    What do you want to do, D?

    1. I've thought about 2 of those 3, but not thinking they're my cuppa tea :) What is a landscape architect?


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