Sunday, August 12, 2012

Day 219 and 220, 2012

Well my dear Dingleberries,  How was your weekend?
Didn't get into too much, thought we would hang with one of my girlfriends, H, but I'm just not sure. I heard Mr Monkey Butt say she had plans to go with another friend. I still can't understand what makes her lie the way she does. Strikes me as not a real friend after all.  Ya know what I mean? Just making up LIES excuses to get out of hanging out with me?  I mean what the fuck happened to just telling someone hey I don't want to hang out today, I've actually got some other, more exciting plans?  Sounds like something I would say!

Saturday, August 11th

We hit up the library on Saturday and got Punkey some new reading material.  I'm still working on mine, but picked up an extra for when I finish it.  We went to the pond and fed some geese. It was fun. 

She's always trying to hand feed them and the day they actually let her, she gets all girly and runs from them. ha ha.  Kids are crazy!

Sunday, August 12th
 Hung out with Mama and Papa Monkey Butt today. It was a lot of fun, as always.  Hit up the church thing and did that fun as well.  Another interesting message I guess, he's still telling us to love one another. 

Well I'm torn on the whole seperate account for my monkey butt facebook page so I'm just going to do it.  If ya get a friend request from Itsa Monkeybutt, you know why!! I will be removing the other page....eventually! 

In other news, after the much needed yelling at, we may be closing this week!  :happy dance:

Thanks my dear Dingleberries.  Cya tomorrow!!

Hang in there!


  1. Nice pictures, as usual. Hope that closing gets done!

    1. Thanks CW, I posted a new post just now about the closing!

  2. That picture for the 11th is absolutely adorable of both of you. Made my afternoon for sure. Good luck on the closing and always a treat seeing your post on here.

    1. Awe thanks!!! I didn't like it, but used it anyway. It's the only one I had for the day that had me in it. ha ha. See above regarding the closing stuff, ugh!


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