Monday, August 13, 2012

Day 221, 2012

MONkeyDAY, August 13th
Happy MONkeyDAY my Dingleberries.  I hope you all had a lovely day. I know it's hard on Monday's to enjoy it, but I try my best. 

It was a day from hell, started out with what I'm sure was high blood pressure, ending that way as well. 

Pokey is now registered for Girl Scouts, we're super excited about it this year. Seems like they're going to get a lot done this year. I hope! 

No luck on the house thing, they're filing another extension.  At least 15 more days to go. I refuse to get excited again.  (I think I posted that earlier though)

I have  a lot of new followers these days.  I'm loving it and want each and everyone of you to know that you're more than welcome to hang around us crazy monkeys.  Keep in mind, you will be called a Dingleberry and you will read all about my ranting and babbles of whatever is on my mind, that's why its "Whats on your mind Monkey Butt"

I've some more reading to get done and still trying to come up with this weeks music :)

Hang in there!


  1. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for your blood pressure.

  2. I a sure Pokey will love Girl Scouts. Both my boys have been involved with scouting and loved it

    1. She really enjoyed it last year, so we're hopeful. I'm worried though if we ever move what will she do then. Arg!

  3. It's great to have a lot of followers.
    Except when you've just gotten off the subway and they've turned the lights out in the parking garage.

  4. I waited all freakin' day to go into work at 5PM, to only get a phone call at 3:30PM saying that a mistake has been made on the shcedule and could I take the night off~? Messed up my whole friggin' day! GRRRRR

    1. OoOoOoo that would not have set well with me either. I hate that! Once every few months I'm forced to work a Saturday and of course it's in the middle of the day so that the whole day is messed up. I'd be so mad if they called and cancelled me just before time to go.


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