Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thursday's Monkey 'butt'

Hello Thursday and hello fellow... Well I'm going to come up with a cool name for you Monkey Butt Followers, I'm sure of it!  Suggestions welcome!

So lets do this thang!

Now there is a Monkey Butt you can just not say no to. Look how cute he is trying to figure out that the hat goes on the head! 
Futurama,another one of my FAVORITE shows EVAR!  It's hard to choose a favorite character, and well I've yet to do just that. I'm torn between Leela and Fry.  Completely different, but somehow they remind me of myself, at times. I'm bitchy and Fry like stupid on occasion.  Mesh them together and BAM you gots ME!  Never mind that one eye thing.  That doesn't apply ;)
For your viewing pleasure!

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  1. Hehe...he wore the hat on his butt... ;)

    Fry is definitely my favorite character! And tomorrow is FRYday! :)


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