Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 164, 365 days of 2011

Monday, June 20th, 2011
Alarm clock?  What might that be?  Like for reals. I didn't hear that alarm at all this morning, I woke up at 7:39 this morning. It's a MUST that I have gotten myself out the door and down the road by 7:30. So you can only imagine how it felt for me this morning. I jumped out of bed and raced through the house (my clothes are in the dresser on the other side of the house).  Got dressed QUICKLY and hauled arse to the bedroom to throw the contacts in my head.  LATE LATE LATE! No coffee no time to stop!  Ugh!  I can't stand being late. I don't remember the trip to work and don't remember a good couple of hours this morning. But I made it alive. It was in no way a slow day.  Stayed busy all day and was glad when it was over so I could pick up Pokey from daycare!  AWESOME!

I'm realizing a few people I know are quite worthless. Will never really amount to anything and sadly are just a waste of space. It's that sad when you come to the realization that there are people in this world who just suck.  They take and take and take and mooch and mooch and mooch and then have the nerve to get pissy when something goes wrong for them?  It's bullshit!  I'm thinking it may have come the time in my life where I warsh my hands of those people and carry on with my life. Is this wrong?  I mean technically they didn't do anything to me, they are still what I would call a friend. But I've no real interest in them?  It's strange. Am I just being evil. It's been an evil night and well I just won't go into the details with that or anything. But perhaps I'm just having an off day. Still needing a shower and shave and the only bathroom with the tub is under renovation STILL.  *sobs*  The quickness was bullshit!  Oooof!

goodnight readers, followers and fellow bloggers. I'm off to facebook and twitter it up! WHEWT!


  1. I had a friend (15 yrs) that was always a mooch. He could never keep a job and would come to my house to ditch the wife and sit on my couch for hours AHHHHHHH~!!!!

    This went on for years really. Sometimes I'd just sit at my computer like he wasn't even there.

    Then I learned while his wife was in labor with their second child he was with some skank. I stayed out of it but lost a lot of respect for him.

    He could never keep a job 5 months, then his marriage went south and he got hung up on all kind of pills.

    One day he was sitting on my couch just bitching about Mexicans were taking his jobs and it was time for me to give him a piece of my mind, tell him to leave and to never come back.

    I told him about how I lost respect for him and why, added that he's had plenty of good jobs his sorry ass just couldn't get along with anyone and keep a good job. Along with some other off the cuff observations.

    He's not been back and that was over two years sgo. I did see a cell phone picture of him laying in blood on a bar floor where he mouthed off to the wrong black guy and got his teeth knocked out.

    He just wasn't helping me find some inner peace with all of his belly aching.

    I don't miss all of the pissing and moaning he did here at my house. If he keeps up his lifestyle with the morphine and other pills and alcohol I'll just be reading about him in the paper.

    Another man done did a full go round - Roy Book Binder


  2. Yup I can still post : )



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