Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Shittastic you say?! Awesome!

(photo taken here)

Well isn't this shittastic!  Yes!  It's SHIT-TAS-TIC. I've never really given much thought as to how fucking  hard it is to get out there, on your own and support your 7 year old Pokey. I'm discovering now it's fucking bullshit. There is nothing within my price range and if it is then it's a big pile of shit hell hole.

This is my nightmare. I'm giving up for the day to avoid going postal.  Fuck off you stupid interwebz and apartment finders and craigslist.  That thing freaks me out.

I saw a few basements for rent that scared the hello out of me.  Ugh.... 

Yup. It's a shittastic day. Did I tell you I'd been waiting on Karma to take a bite out of my arse? Yea. Here she is telling me how it is. Thanks a lot BITCH! 


  1. Awe, it WILL get better! I promise!

  2. Hang in there, something will come along that suits you and your budget.

    I sound like a fortune cookie don't I?


  3. Finding a good place to rent is always a huge pain in the ass, but you will find totally find something!

    Keep on keeping on, or whatever :D

  4. Thanks everyone. I was having a...moment there. Will keep looking for sure :)


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