Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 154-156, 365 days of 2011

Friday, June 10th, 2011
Well it was another day in paradise at work, who would have thunk it?!  It passed by relatively quick until of course about 2pm. By then I was ready to just clock out and call it a day.  It's too bad I couldn't do just that. I was stuck there, in 'paradise' for another 3 hours.  Oooof!  It ended smoothly and then sat in traffic for the next 3 hours.  AWESOME way to end a Friday huh?  Unfortunately I made the mistake of traveling down roads I know better than travel down in the event of traffic disasters!  Stupid me!  Oh well, it all ended well and the night was pretty good!  Thank goodness for that part!

Saturday, June 11th, 2011
Saturday was filled with fun fun fun.  I spent the day taking Mom around to all the places she wanted to go. Thrift Store shopping times 2 then of course the mall to find Dad something for Fathers Day!  Arg!  It was OK though. She found some awesome shorts and stuff for Dad, I found out later HE HATES THEM AND REFUSES TO WEAR THEM.  Dads and their wacky ways!  I've still no idea what I will get Dad for Dads Day.  I'm lost on that one. I know he mentioned he wanted something, of course I can't remember, then again he just got his Nintendo DS last weekend, video games are always a winner!
Saturday was the night of the Rehab show. I love Rehab.  They managed to put on an AWESOME show. Not that they ever fail at doing just that. They played a few songs Id not heard them play live before, that was awesome! I wore the red shoes.  So lovely!  They hurt like a sonofabitch though. I swear one day I will be good at wearing heels and rawk those bishes all night long. Sadly, I wasn't able to do so last night. Go figure. Let me just say, THEY WERE ADORABLE!  Another great night!  Except for the sex dancers on the dance floor.  *barfs*

Sunday, June 12th, 2011
Sunday?  Hey that's today. Sorry for my slackness over the weekend, it's really unintentional, I promise!  Stayed busy all weekend and away from the computer, strange. I guess you can only guess my frustration this morning when I logged in to my social networks only to spend an hour trying to play catch up. Needless to say I'm behind on my blogger readings and postings, obviously! Here I am now though, that's something. Today was awesome as well. Spent time by the pool soaking up some sun. Much needed rays for these cold bones of mines.  Then of course my window motor went out and now the damn thing wont roll up. Sonofahorseshit!  It poured the rain. Ugh!  Oh well,  something else to spend money on and make my baby brain ache!  Gar! 

So the weekend is over. I'm  pondering and working on other posts these days and am hopeful I can get them online.  Shall see. I got my future me letter today. Had totally forgot about that thing. But I got it anyways. It didn't say much, I haven't deleted  it because I'm trying to come up with something creative to send myself!  :)

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  1. Nothing wrong with a cyber break. We working people can have fun blogging then it seems to become another task to try and keep up with it when we have other things that need to be done. Glad you had a great break.



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