Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 150, 365 days of 2011

Monday, June 6th, 2011
Holy shit blogger didn't reject my picture *gasps* I think I'm having a heart a stroke!

Anyways. It was an off day.. Again!  Something crashing in the kitchen (ice being DUMPED from the freezer into a cooler) at 5:30 am. Sonofashitbitchhell.  Yea it all ran together at 5:30 and then I hear my munchkin running through the house.  What the hell, of course she didn't say that, but yes. It woke me up early and I was up from then on. SHIT!

I realized on the way to work though, and didn't think about it until much later (brain wasn't working) I'm trying EVERYTHING on the way to work to stay awake. Motherofpearl.  It has been a pretty long time since I've found myself having trouble focusing on not falling asleep behind the wheel.  talk about scary when you're only love is in the back seat, being an adorable 7 years old and playing her DS.
RELAX! I was no threat to society or anything, just tired. Unsure really as to why. I don't stay up late hours or anything. I guess just the sudden jolt so early and getting up earlier.  Strange!

So to share with you bloggers. I find this song suiting of my situation this morning!

Needless to say it was a pretty crapola day. Not only was I "off" today but tired as hell and they traded out the old a/c unit, which was busted a few days last week, for a shiny new one and lawdy hell it almost froze me out of the place. Sadly, I was the only one chillin in the back room. Everyone else was a comfy 77 while I breaking the snotcicles off my face and tucking my hands to fight the frost bite.  AWESOME!

There we have it, I'm all caught up. Whewt Whewt!  Bring it on Tuesday!

ps.  I am officially officially the proud NON OWNER of a Kia Sorento.  Fucking A Right!  Strange events though he was damn near begging and having his car buddy beg for me to leave the tag on.  weirdo. GET YOUR OWN TAG DAMNIT!  It's mine!  GIMME GIMME! 


  1. Leave the tag on? I don't think so! Good move. I despise those downward spiriling days, Lawd knows thanks for those uplifting days to make up for it! Supposed to be up in the 90's here today, a good day off to slug around the house in my flannel jammies and just chill. Better days a comin'! I guess in times like these we are just lucky to be working, even if it does suck! LoL

  2. Oh yes we have been in the 90s since last month I think. IM LOVING IT! Im taking every chance I get to soak up that sun and tan these bones! Ahhhh so nice! Today is much better! Enjoy the jammy day! :)


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