Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 159, 365 days of 2011

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

Hello humpday and no humping allowed!  ;)  Another...fabulous day in the work place. Boring as usual. We were lucky enough to get a call today to impound donation boxes. WTF?!!  Apparently when we say TOWING we mean tow anything. Redonkulous. But whatever, they got them, not to let them sit and take up space for flippin ever!  Yea, exactly what I want to see when I go out back looking for a car. Donation boxes.  Crazy days in the towing industry I guess!

Home at last, I wasn't able (didn't take the time) to blog today at work.  Shame on me *smacks hands*. Another day spent playing with facebook and twitter.  Now I'm sitting here, ALONE, and it's weird.  The dogs are doing their thing (laying on the vents soaking up the a/c) the bird is out of ear range, so I don't have to hear him scream. Pokey is with her Dad and apparently the 'rents have taken off to pick out bathroom stuff.  Them and their adventures.  I must admit as many times as they've sprung a leak and the floors have demanded their attention, I would have bought a new house by now.  Guess that's another reason buying isn't for me. The thought of having to fix broken shit just sounds like a terrible idea.

We are expecting?  bad weather today. I haven't seen any, but the thunder noise I just heard outside  made me remember!  I'm off to scrounge through the house for something to eat.  Strange days! 

Have an awesome night bloggers, readers and followers.   Look out for Thursday's Monkey Butt post tomorrow. I'm sure you're excited!  


  1. I'm excited too~! Everything is cool here : )


  2. See. I knews you were excited! Good to hear all is well Tim :)


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