Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 153, 365 days of 2011

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

Training my bangs to go a different way, it's awful!!  Am bored with the norm I guess.  I'm waiting till the weekend, I think, to cut them off anyways.  Dear hair on my head, Why can't you make me happy? Will you please just TRY!  Thanks!  Love, Doria

OK where was I?  Ah yes, Thursday. I followed through with my Monkey Butt post today.  Although I don't think there was any monkey butts. Hrm, will try harder next time. Check it out. You know you want to!

It was a good day. My lack of sleep didn't hurt to much this morning, I didn't get up at my posta get up time, but I got up. Wasn't late for work, all in all it was a success.  The day went by well, no bumps or rough spots until my weekly trip to the courts and tag office.  Stopped by the bank, talking on the phone with Mom, LEFT MY DAMN BANK CARD IN THE ATM. Uck!  Panicked I finished my errands as quickly as possible and ran back to the bank. Ugh.  Lucky they were able to give me a temporary card and will send  a new one in the mail. I was able to eat lunch and get cigarettes.  AWESOME.

The rest of today flew by and was over before I knew it. Spent some time with a girlfriend after work and came home. Awesome day. And high hopes that tomorrow will be better! 


  1. It will definitely be better! :)

  2. When things get bad I have a best friend of 36 years that always reminds me things can always be worse. I'm sure things will be better for you.


  3. Thanks P and Tim! :) I try to stay positive. Like you said Tim, things can always get worse. haha.. WE don't want that!

  4. I get bored with my hair as well :(

  5. Do you think we will ever find a style, color or cut we WONT get bored with? *grumbles*


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