Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday's Fabulous Photo

go-to party pie-a chocolate-tofu pie-

Thanks Bea for the oh so tasty looking, still waiting on my recipe, picture of a chocolate pie! Check her out folks.  Lovely blog indeed! Orchids and Onions


  1. I thought I'd left you a comment already, Doria. Hmmm. I might be retarded, but, at least, I can make this pie. Thanking for putting up the Fun Foto for your semi-wordless Friday gig!

  2. YUM!! Now I must find chocolate!!

  3. Bea, thanks for the lovely photo for reals. It looks soooo tasty! I've gotta make it if someone will help me eat it. Thanks a million for the recipe!!

    KRisten, I know it's making me want chocolate right now also. All we have is halloween oreos though... Arg!


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