Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thursday's Monkey 'butt'

RIP Amy Whinehouse:
I know it's been a few weeks or longer, honestly I can't remember and I totally went on a rant about her death and the disrespectful things some people had to say about it. But all that being aside, she was talented and the world is one less awesome person now! So enjoy!

Monkey Man

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  1. Such a sad loss and I really hadn't heard much of her music. So young and so much talent. People are mean and full of hate. We just had two get fired at work finally, a couple disrepectful POS's. A couple more need to go too! WaHoo!

    We faired out OK from hurricane Irene, we were really lucky the eye wall stayed off of the coast or it could have been real ugly. We did get 8" of rain in 24 hours though! Minor temporary flooding causing detours. Some big trees down.

    I got the weather channel on now and see you are in the heat that you like! Right now it's been cool at nights, I had go go to work at 6AM this morning and it was a brisk 65 degrees burr not ready for that yet but it does make for good sleeping all bundled up LoL

    Take Care



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