Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursdays Monkey 'butt'

Happy Thursday Dingleberries.  I can't believe I've not posted this one and am a somewhat ashamed of myself.  It is after all the key monkey of my blog. Mind you it isn't where I got my inspirations.  The name, is mine own. I discovered later, when looking for a photo, all about this here :)  

Anti Monkey Butt, nothing like my blog. We are all about the MonkeyButts in here aren't we?  But it's a Monkey and he's the star of this weeks Monkey Butt post.
So let me link it up, click here if you think you have a Monkey Butt. This powder here is advertised to help prevent said Monkey Buttness!  The powder is made for athletic types, truck drivers, the what nots like that. People who are active it's telling me.  The Anti Monkey Butt powder will help those buns rub without the friction making your butts all red and the likes.  ew!  Just ew!
It's a cute website though. It's made for babies, mens and womens.  They even have lady monkeys and baby in a diaper monkeys.  It's hilarious. 
With that I leave you. Enjoy dear Dingleberries.  Looking forward to Friday. 

Speaking of Friday... Still need a name for my Friday Photo posts.  If I weren't so busy doing everything else I'd have the time creativity to do it myself.  Thoughts still welcomed as well as any pictures you'd like to share! 

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