Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday, Finally.

Just a note before we being, I'm taking on a new challenge, with hopes I won't give up on it.  I've done well with my 365 days, I have my Thursdays Monkey Butts, and then of course there is my random posts as well as recently attempted to post 100 word posts. I love blogging, I love playing on blogger and reading everything that's on your minds. So here we goes, I'm not beginning to attempt to search through Google or my own collection and post a lovely picture with minimum words. I've seen a lot of wordless Wednesdays and things of the likes, so shall we call this worldless (or minimum words) Friday?  So that being said, take a look at this one!



So there ya have it, now a job for you. I will gladly take and accept anything you'd love to send me in regards to pictures, keep it clean though please. I will link back to your page.  Also lend me your thoughts and ideas as to what I shall call this Friday postings!  Have an awesome weekend Dingleberries!

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